Senin, 28 November 2011


            Friday 30 April 2010 ago Sosiology student university makes KKL to mount bromo. At 01.00 p.m we was all gethered in the campus, to follow dispatch opening ceremony before to brom, after ceremony finished we gone to our bus each to looked for seat. We leave from Semarang approximently at 03.03 p.m and arrived at Sukapura at 02.00 a.m early morning, from Sukapura we to inn to put goods, then we hurry to ascending by using Jeep to seen sunrise. Every jeep full seven persons along with drivers, rood to ascending very scarry, fluctuate and the ladge verry steep, but with driver that used to the way make we a little calm. At arrival at our ascending must walk again to come to atop, so that we can seen sunrise at morning.
Although the air very cold but we was verry enjoyed the beautiful scenery from top af the mountain, after satisfied photo with there we must gone down. Before to inn, we stop at a place that called sand ocean, from there we can seen mount bromo and mount batok very beautiful  and the location not so far apart. We also step into a balinese tample that assumed holy for Tengger society, because  Tengger society to have a religion Hindu, so blinese tample a while ago be used religious service place for Tengger sociaty. In our activity KKL we must got information from citizen that  Ngadisari village about life there, when all files gatherred we retrurn with our group each. Because all very tired, so we was take a rest until time to dinner. After dinner, we had gathered to discuse about the files that we can, there come Dukun Adat, that  is one assumed important at Tengger region, at hat programme we was had question and andswer to known history from mount bromo and tribe tengger. Because time more evening and air more colder programme is ended, we was returned to room each to slept. In the morning we was dore latest observation  before returned to Semarang, after that we was ready fore gone home to Semarang, before to Semarang, we was visited at shopping cantre and sovenir centre at Tanggul Angin, after had dinner we was continued our trip to gone back  Semarang, because we was very tired, trip to Semarang we pass by with slept at bus. At 03.00 a.m we was arrived in campus, than we was gone back to boarding each. To our trip KKL at mount Bromo and tribe Tengger, although short but we enjoyed it considerably glad.

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